Grants comprise approximately one-half of the needed yearly operating budget for Loaves and Fishes Ministry. Every grant received requires a “make good” report back to the Grantor. We have been blessed with the generous benefactors listed below who continually help the Ministry meet the basic human needs of those less fortunate in our community.


2021/2022 Grantors


Grantor                                             Amount                                 Project                                 

Ann & George Hatcher                       $10,000                            New Freezer and Refrigerator

Atrium Navicent                                  $10,000                            Welcome Home Program

United Way                                           $10,000                            3pm Meals

J. Grassman                                          $15,000                            Endowment

H. Porter                                                $21,500                            Pavilion

Northrup                                                $1,400                              3pm Meals

High Five Grant (CFCG)                     $5000                               Shower Rehab

Dunlap Williamson                              $1,400                              Operation Read

NonProfit (CFCG)                                $25,000                            Administration Expenses

United Health Systems                       $25,000                            Welcome Home Program

Perot Fiero                                             $4,000                              Grocery Outreach Program

Prince Foundation                               $5,000                               Pavilion Project