About Us


To serve and improve the quality of life for the poor and homeless.




Janet Wright

Executive Director


Client Services



Kathryn Hawthorne

Manager of Administrative Services


Board of Directors

  • Debra Singleton, President
  • Chloe Napier, Vice President
  • Kyra Osmus, Secretary
  • Joel Grist, Past President
  • Scott Emener
  • Ralph Hawkins
  • Rosemary Heath
  • Wallace Herring
  • Ronnie Mays
  • George McCommon
  • Jordan Rousey
  • Randy Stephens
  • Bob Walcott
  • Curtis White
  • Vicki Williams
  • Harold Young

Church Partners

  • Christ Episcopal
  • Glorious Hope Baptist
  • Greater Bellevue Baptist
  • Northminster Presbyterian
  • St. Andrews Presbyterian
  • St. Francis Episcopal
  • St. Patrick’s Catholic
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal
  • Stone Edge Church
  • Washington Ave. Presbyterian

Affiliated Churches

  • Holsey Temple CME
  • Centenary Methodist
  • Lizzie Chapel Baptist
  • Holy Cross Greek Orthodox
  • Liberty Methodist

A Brief History of Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes Ministry of Macon has been providing essential services to low and moderate-income, homeless individuals and families at-risk of homelessness is Middle Georgia for 54 years. LFM-Macon is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation initially formed in 1967 as two separate ministries: (a) Macon Inner-City Ministry (the Presbyterian Church community) and (b) Community Advocacy Ministry (CAM) (an interdenominational group of downtown churches). As the two groups primary focus and services were the same, they ultimately merged into what today is known as “Loaves and Fishes Ministry of Macon.” 

The services provided at LFM-Macon are designed to address the needs and problems experienced by the homeless, low and moderate-income individuals and families, and other underserved populations. More specifically, the method by which LFM-Macon addresses poverty and homelessness is to provide access to services that increases the capacity of the client to either become or remain self-reliant. LFM-Macon continually strives to assist its clients with core services central to addressing unmet community needs by providing essential services in a primary location, which is referred to as the Jack Steppe Day Life Center, located at 651 MLK Jr. Blvd, Macon, GA. Everything we do to help those in need is made possible by the generosity of our Church partners and our wonderful community.

The Jack Steppe Day Life Center provides groceries, meals, laundry services, bible class, case work, prescription assistance, dental assistance, Georgia ID and Birth Certificate assistance, and referrals to other service agencies. All services provided through our Jack Steppe Day Life Center are provided free of charge.