Without your birth certificate, you cannot get an ID and without an ID, you cannot get a job, you cannot cash a check, you cannot go to the doctor, you cannot get a place to live…   Without an ID, you cannot be a part of modern society.

If you have renewed your Driver’s license lately, you know that it involves bringing several documents to prove who you are and where you live.   And don’t forget the $32 you have to pay for the new 8 year licenses.  It is quite a task even if all your documents are safely stored in a box in the closet.   Now what if you didn’t have a closet?   What if the only way to keep up with your birth certificate was to keep it in your wallet or your pocket?  Now imagine your wallet is stolen and with it your ID, birth certificate and Social Security card.   How in the world would you begin to get them all back?  Especially if you have no money and no transportation.

At Loaves and Fishes we help our clients navigate the difficult road back to having a valid ID that is needed for so many essential parts of being a productive member of society.   Besides providing the funds needed to get a birth certificate and ID we also help them track down all the documents and applications that they need.  This is the first step that many must take to get back on the road to self-sufficiency.